Tips for dealing with noisy condo neighbours.

Condominium living has many benefits. From amenities, to location, and community, there are many reasons why there is a consistent rise in condominium purchases. But when deciding to make the buy, this was probably high on your list of worst case scenarios; Noisy. Neighbours. While the community aspect of living in a condo is great, there always does lie the concern that you may get stuck next to a dud. Here are a few tips on how to deal with that difficult situation.


Be nice. 
It is human nature to believe that everything happening is being done to you. We are, at our core, selfish and tend to think that everyone should know what is bothering us. They don't. There stands a good chance that the neighbour upstairs doesn't know that they are causing you distress. So your first step should be politely letting them know. Head on up and try to maintain a calm demeanor. Approach the conversation from the angle of a concerned neighbour and hopefully the jolt of being told that they're loud is all that they need to be silenced. 


Contact security.
If youv'e already tried the polite route and that hasn't worked, it may be time to escalate. Especially if the noise is persisting into the evenings or early in the moring. if you have security, let them know. If not, talk to management. Chances are that if you are being disturbed, there are most likely others surrounding the noisy neighbour who are too. In many cases, simply being approached by security can scare people into alrering their behavior. 

Most condos will have their own set of rules regarding noise, so breaking those rules multipe times could mean that they may not be living there too much longer. 


Document everything.
Once you've established that the nosie is a pattern, and not just an anomoly, it's time to start documenting. Each time you hear a noise, keep a log of the noises and for how long they occur. Each time you report the neighbour to management, document that as well. In any case where there is a conflict, domunentation is extremely important. When reporting to management, it will absolutely be useful to attach copies of your documentation for them to use. This includes recordings if posible.


*Bonus* - If YOU'RE secretly the noisy neighbour.
If you are the one who has been causing some form of distress to your neighbours, really take a moment to ponder how awful that must be for everyone else. If you're a heavy walker, consider investing in a few rugs for particularly squeeky areas of your floor. If you have an instrument you like to play, consider soundproofing the room that you play in, and make sure you're only plaing during reasonable hours. If you want to host a party, consider knocking on doors and letting those around you know. 

It doesn't take much to be a good neighbour.