5 ways to get involved in your condominium community THIS WEEK

Regardless of how long you've been living in your condominium, there's a good chance that there is a lot of opportunity to get more involved in the community you live in. So here are 5 accessible ways you can jump in. Some of these may be easier to accomplish if you get your board on board (haha) to help jumpstart some initiatives.

Join your board

Let's get the obvious out of the way- it is an unpaid position that does require a little bit of work during your personal time. But it also gives you the added benefit of actually learning how your condominium opperates. Joining the board is an easy way to immediately get to know some of your neighbours, not to mention you also become an influencial decision maker in how your condominium runs.

Create a welcome commitee

Remember the good old days, when you moved to a new neighbourhood and were greeted by warm welcomes and baked goods? Recreate that. Put up flyers to advertise for other members to join you. Rotate the task of baking something for a welcome basket. If you live in a smaller community, you can genuinely welcome each new resident individually. If you happen to live in a larger community, consider throwing a monthly 'welcome party' in your common area.

Team up

Does your condominium community offer a recreational activity area? If it has a pool, consider hiring an instructor to provide aerobics classes. No pool? If there is a large open common space, consider having someone instruct a few yoga classes a week. Really this can be customized to suit whatever you think the demographic of your community would appreciate.

Movie night

This is one of the easiest and most affordable ones on the list. Run a monthly movie night in the common space that you have available in your community.  Again, this one only works if you actually have a common space. If you don't, consider running an outdoors movie night during warmer weather. Many schools and library's are happy to loan out projectors if given enough notice.


Now this one varies greatly depending on your interests but if you have children, and there is a play structure in or near your community, run scheduled playdates. Parents and children alike can mingle and it gives kids something to get excited about. If your community has an online messaging system, that could be a great way to advertise this but if not, a community message board serves the purpose too.

With many of these, it will require you to take the inaugural steps to get the ball rolling but the results will be more than worth it, for you and all future residents to come.