Three Promises We Make to Condominium Boards.

Effective Community Building

We work to join individual neighbours into a strong, vibrant, and resilient community of resident partners. Yes, we want to protect your asset, but part of that asset is your valuable community relationships. The chance to grow and share with those around you is one that is frequently taken for granted but we make it a priority.


Careful Financial Stewardship

Your real estate is more than just maintained we care for it with a precision and accuracy. Our team of condominium accounting professionals actively seek opportunities to maintain and increase the value of our communities through carefully long term financial planning and diligent vendor management. We scrutinize the details of every contract and agreement to limit surprises and keep your investment protected for the long term.


Dynamic Property Performance

It just works. This is the result you expect when your home is enrolled in a preventative maintenance program and monitored by a team of trained building professionals.  When repairs are needed you want them completed quickly, on the first visit.  Alwington’s highly trained Property Technicians, Cleaning Technicians, Community Managers and Registered Condominium Managers (RCM) know how to keep your real estate in top physical condition so that it performs as you expect, when you need it.