Why we use Condo Control Central

We've recently decided to onboard Condo Control Central at two of the condominiums we manage, Solstice 1 and Solstice 2. Condo Control Central is a property management software that touts its communication and tracking systems to be some of the best in the Canadian industry. This blog post is to help our owners learn abut why we use it, and how it can help them.


The biggest draw for this platform is that it is self-servicing. Once you've logged in and created your account, you'll never be more than a few finger tips away from everything you need to know about your condo. Everything from board meeting minutes to insurance certificates will always be kept in one central location for your viewing pleasure. You also have the ability to upload any other personal files to the system as well, so that you can have one central location for your many condominium documents. 


In terms of communication, the software allows us to make important announcements quickly, allows owners the ability to create service requests, and provides a safe storage space for important corporation documents.In addition to that, you can now order your status certificates online through the platform, and are able to receive them by email. Quick and easy, without ever having to leave your home. 

As of November 1, 2017 legislation requires that condo managers deliver a large increase of documentation to the owners each year. In order to uphold those standards while still keeping costs low, digital delivery just makes the most sense. There will be times when information may only be delivered via Condo Control Central, in a need for speed and efficiency. 

The caveat is that for all of these systems to work and flow best, we truly need all of the owners to sign up, and log in. If you are an owner at either Solstice 1 or Solstice 2, you would have received login information in the mail. Follow the easy instructions and you're on your way to an easier condominium living experience.