University Studios

308 UNITS | 1900 Simcoe St N, Oshawa, ON

Resident Resources

Pre-authorized Debit Form
This agreement has to be filled out by the person who will be paying the monthly rent. You will need to attach the bank account information, so our bank knows where to withdraw the rent from.

Move-in Form
This form outlines the policies with your key fob, CO2 & fire detectors and internet access.

Guarantor Form
We require that you have a guarantor for your lease. This can be a parent/guardian, family member or another trusted adult who is willing to cosign on your lease. Your chosen guarantor will need to sign and fill out this form.

Insurance Form
Every resident is required to have liability insurance. It is not mandatory to have content insurance, but we do highly recommend it. Fortunately, 95% of our residents already have this insurance through their parents/guardians existing home insurance. Your parents/guardians will be able to help you out by filling out this form. If you are an international student or your parents/guardians don’t own a house, you can purchase this insurance from any major financial institution or insurance company.

Utility Form
For your utility billing account, we kindly ask that you fill out the attached form with a picture of your photo ID. Acceptable forms of photo ID are:

  • Valid Canadian Driver’s License 

  • Valid Passport (Canadian or foreign)

  • Work Visa

  • Department of Defense ID

  • Permanent Resident Card

  • Native Indian Status Card

  • CNIB Card

  • Valid Provincial/Territorial Photo ID (government-issued)

  • Possession and Acquisition License (PAL)