Solstice 2

80 Units | 1219 Gordon St, Guelph, ON

Resources For Owners and Residents

Suite & Owner Information Form
This form is used to let us know of any changes to the suite status, or the updated address of service of the owner.

Resident Information Form
To inform us of the contact information for any current residents (tenants included) of your suite.

Resident Special Assistance Form
If there are any occupants living within this suite that require evacuation assistance, please provide their names and any specific instructions on this form.

Pre Authorized Personal Debit Agreement Form 
Send us an updated version of this form every time you would like to change your debit withdrawal information. 

Ordering A Status Certificate
To order your status certificate for your suite, please click above.

[Solstice 2] Elevator Reservation Agreement 
Used if you need to reserve the elevator and you also live in Solstice 2.