How to Maximize a Small Space

While condo living has many pros outweighing cons, we know one of the biggest struggles is learning how to maximize your space when you may be limited. To help you out we have compiled a list of our favourite  ways to take full use of every inch of your condo space. Enjoy! 

1. Door Organizers

A commonly missed space for storage is one you see the back of almost everyday - your door! 

2. Cabinet Cupboards

Want to keep things hidden? This is the perfect hack for your things you want organized but in private.             

3. Corner Shelving

Have a small corner that is of no use to you? Give it a makeover and maximize that space!          

4. Storage Furniture

Are you the hosting type, but don't have the space for a space bed? There is now countless innovative furniture being made to help assist with the trouble of not having the extra space. 


5. Above Sink Storage

Run into the problem of lack of counter space? Add some of these quick organizers on your counter to clean things up.               

6. Large Mirror

When in doubt, if you're ever looking to open your space up and make it look bigger the most well-known trick is to add a large mirror to your space. This trick gives the illusions that your room appears much larger than it is. 

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