Top 5 Coolest Condo Amenities from Around the World

From communal pools to rooftop helipads, amenities are one of the things that set condos apart from one another. After looking long and hard we found our top 5 most unforgettable condo amenities from around the globe.

1. Private Jet

Take condo living to a whole new level! At the very luxurious 111 Murray Street (New York City), there’s an extraordinary private jet concierge for residents willing to pay an extra $125,000 for 25 hours of flight time. Each paying resident could get a SkyCard from Blue Star Jets that includes access to 13,500 aircrafts and helicopters from around the world. So just pack your bags, your next trip is just a staircase away! (Heun, Forbes)

 2. Feng Shui Consultant

Are you tired of condo makeover to get that perfect Feng Shui? Given the international appeal of this sophisticated Chinese system of creating harmonious spaces, PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter added this amenity in response to the building’s popularity among buyers from 38 different countries and 25 confirmed sales to Chinese buyers. (Heun, Forbes)

3. Water Filtration Systems

The Encore, Glenwood’s newest rental property located at 175 West 60th Street in Manhattan, incorporated a top-of-the-line water filtration system to provide purified water in every faucet. Time to say goodbye to your Brita! (Grimm, 2017)

4. Sky Garage

As if private garages on the same floor as the residences at Missoni Baia (Biscayne, Florida) and 200 Eleventh Avenue (New York City)—wasn’t enough, they took it one step further by adding one big enough to hold up to 11 cars at the penthouse of the Porsche Design Tower (Sunny Isles Beach, Florida). This is the ultimate amenity for keeping your car secure and close under watch. (Huen, Forbes)


5. Planting Garden

In an attempt to encourage city folks to spend some more quality time outdoors, 7 DeKalb Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn features a lush, pastoral planting garden, blooming with vegetables, herbs and flowers out on their fifth floor outdoor terrace. (Grimm, 2017)